Nov 222011
The Brain During Orgasm: fMRI Knows Exactly How Women Feel

What are people thinking in the lead-up to an orgasm? Could be a fascinating, lucrative, or a potentially horrifying reveal on human nature. A PhD candidate at Rutgers climbed into an MRI machine an rubbed one out for science. Go science, go!

Oct 282011
Prosthetic with Nokia Smartphone Dock: An Anachronism Trapped in an Anachronism!

Lots of cash is needed for the Luke Arm or the Stark Hand other super-tech prosthetics, so there’s obviously great value in augmenting and/or retrofitting the prosthetics people already have – and this one’s a technological timeline dissonance matryoshka!

Oct 212011
Humanity 2.0 Part Two:  Juan Says We're Designing the Next Species of Humans.

Juan Enriquez says the ability to re-engineer living things and engineer entirely new ones is far and away the biggest thing since a bunch of other big things (even bigger than the industrial revolution). So… Cool, yeah?

Oct 142011
Touching His Girlfriend and Fighting Paralysis with a Robot Powered by Mind Bullets

Through the Sci-Fi Nomenclature Committee approved processes of a brain interface known as “ECoG,” the science guys have shown that, even after 7 years without any actual movement, the brain is still sending signals for the body to do so. And these signals can move a robot.

Oct 052011
Transhumanist Arts Make Me Want New Parts

That kinda looks like the Death Star in an eyeball. Here’s a very nice gallery of transhumanist art (PART II). It’s cool. Go look at it. One day we’ll become it. Which is going to be awesome – because my knees are like totally shot. [VIA SINGULARITY HUB]

Sep 272011
Humanity 2.0 - It's Natural to be Unnatural.

In the context of our perception of linear time, the march toward radically upgrading the human experience is not a “switch-on” process, it’s not sudden, it’s not merely a download away. It’s an ongoing-for-quite-a-while-now, subtle, and steadily accelerating merger.

Sep 262011
Movies of My Dreams - Built to Spill Finally Gets More than Placating Niceties

This is that important moment in the genesis of a technology. That which we’ll one day look back and somewhat condescendingly comment: A: ”Remember when the Dream Movies™ were just vague blobs?” B: ”Shhhhh, stop talking during Bob’s flying sequence!”