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  • Sep 202012
    Geodesic Japanorama & iPhone-Based 3D Modeling Should Totally Blow Our Minds

    Sometimes the iPhone deserves the love it gets, and Microsoft Photosynth and Autodesk’s 123D Catch Apps are reasons why. Oh, and this phone-based 3D modeling thingy probably heralds China’s impending economic collapse and stuff.

    Feb 142012
    Technological Utopianism is Way Better than Technological Apocalypticism. Robots, Robots.

    Human employment is soon going to drastically & quickly change. For sure China’s in trouble, but on the whole is this good or bad? Here a young guy says we’re doomed, and an old guy says it’s all going to be cool. Weird, right?

    Jan 312012
    Even a Broken Newt is Right Twice a Day. The U.S.A. Needs More Space in Politics.

    Heard this one? Newt Gingrich walks into a press conference… and drops the best idea to come out of a politician’s mouth in decades. This scandalous, hypocritical, disingenuous career politician is, in fact, totally correct.

    Jan 072012
    ROM for Right & Wrong: Teaching Humans Vs. Coding Machines

    It might be a good idea to encourage non-biological intelligences (NBIs) to be, as we are, only vaguely moral. A self-aware & morally pure machine might not be so kind to human nature. Just saying.