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    Sep 142011
    All Your Jobs Are Belong to Us.

    The robot revolution has been imminent for several decades, ironically. Regardless of timeframe, the fact of the matter is that we’re now pushing and developing at such a pace that it’s inevitable – at some point robots have to match our sci-fi expectations – and I think it’s now actually factually …

    Aug 302011
    Hey Japan, Where are Your Robots, Yo?

    Back in March, ANTHROBOTIC mentioned that a version of American company iRobot’s battle-tested Packbot was the first robot to explore and assess the situation at the failing Fukushima nuclear power plant. To Japan’s implicit embarrassment, there were no Japanese robots available or able to immediately hit the ground running (as covered after the jump, one of the trained Japanese operators wrote an anonymous blog about the whole thing – which has been a gold mine for developers). So, while Japan continues cranking out the world’s fastest supercomputers and badass semiconductors and tons of industrial automation robots and some of the [read full post]

    Aug 052011
    Robots to Chinese Manufacturing as China was to American Manufacturing?

    Manufacturing being localized by 3D printing technology has been mentioned here before – the allusion being that the trend taken to a large enough scale could seriously impact China’s hold on the cheap-stuff-making market.  BUT, it appears that FOXCONN plans to just go ahead and push that forward on their own with… ROBOTS! Are low-wage Chinese iPhone makers about to become no-wage Chinese iPhone makers? [VIA XINHUA]