Jan 182013
Japanese Technology from the Future Friday!

Today’s Dispatch: Heavy metals from Japan might be monkeywreching the Dreamliner, some heavy metals were found in Jamaica by some Japanese guys, heavy metals irking Japan’s anti-nuclear hippies, and once again, Sony gets hit with some technosnark.

Jul 142012
Japanese Technology from the Future Friday!

This Week’s Dispatch: Hard evidence that JTFF is awesome, America sells more of it’s war machine recipes to Japan, and Japan is going to be all kinds of leading the world with green technology or something like that I wasn’t paying attention really.

Aug 022011
The Good Old Days are a Myth - Right Now Nearly Everything is Better than it's Ever Been

There now exists in the world less general barbarism, war, slavery, disease, starvation, and crime, along with more overall safety and wealth and health and contentment and goodness than ever before in the history of our species. Why don’t people know & believe this?