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Feb 172012
Japanese Technology from the Future Friday! (NEW SECTION AT ANTHROBOTIC.COM)

A: “There is a man who lives in Japan, in the future, and the J-Tech is strong with him.” B: “What? Seriously? How can that possibly work?!” A: “Japan IS in the future – it’s already tomorrow there already.” B: “Oh. My. God.”

Jan 312012
Even a Broken Newt is Right Twice a Day. The U.S.A. Needs More Space in Politics.

Heard this one? Newt Gingrich walks into a press conference… and drops the best idea to come out of a politician’s mouth in decades. This scandalous, hypocritical, disingenuous career politician is, in fact, totally correct.

Jan 262012
Technology Will Eradicate Barbarians & Drum Circles and Fix Everything

Technological utopianism might be just as foolish as vegan white people with dreadlocks or those with a super-spooky, vengeful, punishing father figure in the sky. But I kinda really seriously doubt it. (BOOK RECOMMENDATION)

Sep 142011
All Your Jobs Are Belong to Us.

The robot revolution has been imminent for several decades, ironically. Regardless of timeframe, the fact of the matter is that we’re now pushing and developing at such a pace that it’s inevitable – at some point robots have to match our sci-fi expectations – and I think it’s now actually factually …

Aug 252011
Shoes Can Charge My Phone!

“Reverse Electrowetting,” a phrase that conjures images of a robot peeing the bed backwards (Osaka University’s CB2, perhaps), is actually the process of generating electricity via, in this case, walking on electric shoe juice.  Which is pretty hott. Not only could this power my phone, GPS, and A/C underwear, in theory such systems could be applied to a wide variety of energy-consuming devices including prosthetics, larger wearable robotics, and full-on exoskeletal human augmentation systems. AND, in developing countries where electrical infrastructure might be lacking, these shoes might be a nice peripheral for the OLPC! I’m certainly hip to powering my [read full post]