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    Jan 082013
    Anthrobotic.com in 2013: Stuff that's Coming Up!

    Bringing the technosnark in 2013 with DARPA robot fanboyism, digital media revolutionizing entertainment, repatriating 1st-world manufacturing, apps for the super internet, the launch of Japan-Based Anthrobotic Services – Research & Multimedia, and much more!

    Sep 262012
    On Leaving the Earth. Like, Forever. Bye-Bye.

    When one of the U.S. Air Force’s top future strategy guys starts dorking out on how we’ve gotta at least begin considering what to do when a progressively decaying yet apocalyptically belligerent sun begins BBQing the earth, attention is payed.

    Jul 142012
    Japanese Technology from the Future Friday!

    This Week’s Dispatch: Hard evidence that JTFF is awesome, America sells more of it’s war machine recipes to Japan, and Japan is going to be all kinds of leading the world with green technology or something like that I wasn’t paying attention really.

    Jul 062012
    Top 5 for the Fifth: American Technological Prowess (Do We Still Got the Juice?)

    In many ways, technological utopianism is the heart and soul of the United States; it has driven our hyper-speed development and rise to global prominence. But, is the US rising or declining? Technologically speaking, does America still have “it?”

    Apr 232012
    REMINDER: Probable Off-Planet Mining Announcement, & Japan has its Hand Raised.

    Asteroid mining could be pretty cool. It’s actually feasible with today’s technology. Ask Japan about this. Seriously, you need to ask Japan about this. COME ON – ASK JAPAN!

    Feb 172012
    Japanese Technology from the Future Friday! (NEW SECTION AT ANTHROBOTIC.COM)

    A: “There is a man who lives in Japan, in the future, and the J-Tech is strong with him.” B: “What? Seriously? How can that possibly work?!” A: “Japan IS in the future – it’s already tomorrow there already.” B: “Oh. My. God.”

    Jan 312012
    Even a Broken Newt is Right Twice a Day. The U.S.A. Needs More Space in Politics.

    Heard this one? Newt Gingrich walks into a press conference… and drops the best idea to come out of a politician’s mouth in decades. This scandalous, hypocritical, disingenuous career politician is, in fact, totally correct.

    Jan 262012
    Technology Will Eradicate Barbarians & Drum Circles and Fix Everything

    Technological utopianism might be just as foolish as vegan white people with dreadlocks or those with a super-spooky, vengeful, punishing father figure in the sky. But I kinda really seriously doubt it. (BOOK RECOMMENDATION)