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    May 042013
    Japanese Technology from the Future Friday - Now With Akihabara News Cross-Publication

    THIS WEEK’S DISPATCH: Anthrobotic teams up with Akihabara News to feed the JTFF, now an Akihabara News feature, back to, and also a Japanese trailer for Pacific Rim, robots in the context of the global old, and Japan’s selling nuclear tech.

    Mar 152013
    An Upside to Fukushima: Japan’s Robot Renaissance

    This piece is not a memorial, but hopefully a brief insight into how a terrible natural disaster has invigorated Japan’s robotics industry and brought to light a problem affecting all industrialized societies.

    Feb 152013
    Japanese Technology from the Future Friday!

    Today’s Dispatch: The Japanese “Smart Cities” initiative ramps up, a robot that shoots dry ice to clean up radiation, and a Japanese powder that cleans water in Tanzania (that last bit doubles as an opportunity to deride hippies, too – value added!).

    Jan 182013
    Japanese Technology from the Future Friday!

    Today’s Dispatch: Heavy metals from Japan might be monkeywreching the Dreamliner, some heavy metals were found in Jamaica by some Japanese guys, heavy metals irking Japan’s anti-nuclear hippies, and once again, Sony gets hit with some technosnark.