Feb 292012
Transhumanism Test Pilots: Fly-by-Tongue

The primitive yet practically necessary prosthetics and human augmentation implements of today could easily evolve into the voluntary upgrades of tomorrow. Here’s a very good example of human body as input device.

Feb 032012
Where the Human Ends & the Machine Begins: Getting Unclearer…

What we conceptualize as our discrete Physical Self isn’t nearly as cut and dried as we might think, and the non-corporeal Mental Self seems to have some blurry boundaries as well. We’re Cyborgs, man. Philosophical Cyborgs.

Dec 152011
Hey Grandpa, Ask Northern Africa about how Social Media is Ruining Our Brains, K?

There are some things to which we’re all too connected – I’ll certainly admit that. But splashing out some junk science conjecture to broadly condemn the immensely powerful forces of social technology is just weak sauce.

Oct 212011
Humanity 2.0 Part Two:  Juan Says We're Designing the Next Species of Humans.

Juan Enriquez says the ability to re-engineer living things and engineer entirely new ones is far and away the biggest thing since a bunch of other big things (even bigger than the industrial revolution). So… Cool, yeah?

Sep 072011
Coercive Birth Control as Tied Aid for Poor Countries - Yes! Let's Use Technology! Yay!

Is it immoral to coercively control human population? Or is it cruel to perhaps implement a form of tied aid where we provide you with food/water/ a goat/etc. if and only if you accept this implant which will prevent you from reproducing for five years?

Aug 302011
Grandma's Robot Friend - Not Creepy at All.

PARO is supposed to represent something related to Robots Taking Care of the Elderly. I’m all for the idea in general, but do the elderly really want a cutesy robotic stuffed animal friend? Seems to me it’s kinda, oh I don’t know… revoltingly condescending. But okay, while I understand that in the referenced piece it’s merely presented as a thought exercise, one would expect it to be a bit closer to something people wouldn’t want to club to death. The study is going on in the middle of good ol’ America, so just when I thought I’d never again have to [read full post]

Aug 022011
The Good Old Days are a Myth - Right Now Nearly Everything is Better than it's Ever Been

There now exists in the world less general barbarism, war, slavery, disease, starvation, and crime, along with more overall safety and wealth and health and contentment and goodness than ever before in the history of our species. Why don’t people know & believe this?