An American writing from southern Japan, founder Reno J. Tibke is a voice of irreverence and levity in technology news & commentary. Through a species of responsible yet oddly punctuated technosnark flavored with questionable journalistic decorum, he discusses the primacy of technology in human civilization and promotes reasonably optimistic technological utopianism. Occasionally with mild profanity - but like, you know, fittingly.

Oct 272015


Here’s Tom with the Weather.

…so, what with quantum mechanics, pixelation of the universe, and some supremely annoying probability, seems reality might be a computer simulation, and God might be an intensely needy supermind playing the latest release of Semi-Conscious Hairless Primates.

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Sep 192015



Another China edition…kinda!
This week China wants to get its hands on Japanese test-taking A.I. and is asking very politely; meanwhile, the U.S. is going to get an LA-to-Vegas bullet train from China – which technically means the Americans will finally get to ride some Japanese trains.
We are not shitting you!

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Sep 092015


When we see the clean, cold, precise cognition of a difference machine suddenly go all batshit rogue PMS, an executive-level narcissism kicks into gear, i.e., we suddenly see We. So, let’s then consider the duality of a machine valuing sentient life, yet being totally willing to murder its ass for the “right” reasons…which should sound familiar.

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Aug 282015


NASA is finally letting Robonaut 2 do some stuff, and they’re sharing it with the public – there’s actually a steady feed of news, only mildly cheesy 1st-person commentary, and some decent R2 photos & video beaming down from the ISS.

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Jun 182015


Went looking for one robot, found research on hundreds. Anthrobotic interviews the creator of, the best online robotics & cybernetics archive you’ve never heard of until just now you did. Read it!

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