Jun 212012

Today, No Robots.
No Transhumanism.
It’s Veggies, Yo – VEGGIES!
And fish, too.

Nearly all science has become or is becoming computational, and that’s really what’s driving the current and near-future explosion of human technological capability. Anthrobotic, for the most part, is all kinds of in love with such things and is an obnoxious cheerleader for complex, shiny, large-scale development.

And that’s fine, but it’s not always the super-complex stuff that can make a big difference. Sometimes it’s just a simple idea, a collection of basic technologies arranged in just the right way. Oregon home food production venture Fishy Farm has kinda nailed it.

Fishy Farm isn’t the first home veggie production system, but with always-on, self-regulating/sustaining, automated polyculture production that includes edible (or decorative!) water life, it’s a novel approach and the first designed to integrate functionally and aesthetically into a home of any size. One can grow almost anything. And it’s fast. Really fast.

You don’t have to be a flaming hippy to appreciate organic, environmentally positive, low-energy, sustainable food production – and it’s hard to get more local than, you know, home!

Indoor units:

And if you’ve got larger ambitions:

A bit of disclosure, Jon over at Fishy Farm is a friend from the Portland, OR area, but Anthrobotic is not an investor and this isn’t an ad or simple foil for the complex and grandiose technologies usually discussed here. The innovative organization of relatively simple technologies is what makes this interesting; technological innovation also springs from reorganizing and reimagining what we’ve already got. Ahh technology, you’re the gift that keeps on giving!

Also, who doesn’t love an environmentally minded businessman who can CRUSH foolish hippies with his green street cred!? Check out FishyFarm’s main site for more details or Like them on the Facebook.

They’re also ready to take the next leap into further expansion and development, and if you dig on such things, you can give them a vote toward a chance at CHASE Bank’s Mission: Small Business grant initiative. Have a look – drop a vote!


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