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  • May 152012
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    So, Hooray for Tooth Sciences
    Some crazy dentists and mad-scientist orthodontists have developed a practical means of rebuilding teeth with stem cells and an individual’s own genetic material. It’s been successfully demonstrated in monkeys and mice (who, along with rats, seem to have all the experimental fun/horror), and now, they’re all up in human grills as well – trials are underway.

    Singularity Hub has a very decent write-up on this. You should read their piece because it’s good, and because…

    Anthrobotic Currently Sucks at Bioscience
    Of course the subject is intertwined with prosthetics and cybernetics and bio-mechanical human replacement parts and such, about which there’s plenty of blah blah blahing going on here, but bioengineering stuff doesn’t get a lot of coverage – which is kind of a shame, since it’s a massive huge giant portion of human technological development.

    Anyone wanna, you know, do that? You will be compensated with madd props, questionable prestige, and exclusive access to my 6 regular readers! For now, anyway. I’ll hire someone with actual money after I hire myself.

    Toward that end, HEY, my 6 regular readers, spread the word!
    Let’s get that number up to 8!



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