Apr 202012

Double Your Lifespan with Super Carbon 

So… put some buckminsterfullerenes (carbon 60) into olive oil, dissolve, ingest, and live to be 150-ish? Well, not yet – but, as reported in a recently published study, by doing so we can make rats live to 2 or 5 or 7 years or whatever is twice as long as rats usually live.

Of course I’ve got no idea how that works, but I guess there’s something particularly badass about dissolving the magical C60, otherwise any old carbon sprinkled on my sandwich would make me live forever, right?

Don’t Get it, But I Can Dig It

I don’t even armchair biochemistry or physics, and I am in no way qualified to evaluate this work from the University of Paris, but hey, I can see the potential. I mean, I don’t know anything about microelectronics or azeotrope esterification, but I can appreciate both the utility of a laptop and the durability and comfort of polyester pants.

If this research is duplicable and not a precursor to the zombie apocalypse, in the short-term it could be very promising as a possible treatment for cancer, brain disease, and just, you know, being old. Of course it would suck if aging was drastically slowed and various diseases just took longer to horrifically kill you, so, science guys, manage that. In the long term there could be relevance for radical life extension & transhumanism.
Cool, yeah?

R. Buckminster Fuller

As in, the buckminsterfullerene. Or buckyball. C60.
If you’re reading a technology site and don’t know who Buckminster Fuller is, please punch yourself a little bit, and then punch that link. Dude was a brilliant, self-made guy who, looking out from a nasty pit of despair and poverty, one day decided to do exactly what the hell he wanted to do, how he wanted to do it. He ultimately wrote 30-some books, invented a whole load of stuff, codified the mathematics describing geodesic domes (C60, represent), and in doing so became one of the 20th century’s most beloved and visionary futurists.Sure, some of his ideas were kind of insane, he wrote in run-on sentences that make me look like the princess of brevity, and he did want to put one of those domes on every goddamn thing he saw. But he truly believed in what he was doing, and with intense devotion he worked toward his ideal of better design’s potential for bettering humanity. The C60 anti-aging juice would be another fine namesake.

Now go read this book. It will hurt your brain in the best way.


Critical Path
by R. Buckminster Fuller
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