Mar 022012

Welcome to Japanese Technology from the Future Friday!
It’s already Friday already here in Japan – we’re 17 hours ahead of the western U.S., which means I totally live in the future. And because it’s already Friday already, I’m left with little time to provide something original or worthwhile before the weekend hits.

So I aggregate!
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Why Japan and J-Technology?
Well, I live here. So I’m uniquely positioned to tell you about the future, because I’m in the future. In Japan. And Japan has some of the best technology. See – simple!

Your Source for One-Upping Other People Who Care
JTFF is a conduit of specifically Japanese technological news that keeps readers a day ahead of half the world’s technologically interested/obsessed. I’m pretty sure.

::Japanese Technology from the Future Friday – March 2, 2012::
The Shut Your Mouth Gun
Somehow this is both hyper-Japanese and yet completely not. Social decorum in Japan is such that it’s not really common to need people to be forcefully shut up. On the other hand, due to this, when people are annoying, they’re really annoying. I wonder if there’ll be a portable/home unit for use in solving domestic disputes…

NTT Builds Light-Based Memory Switchy Thingy
It’s pretty complicated, but basically this is intended for network-switching and data center routing applications. And considering what the internet, you know, is, this is a big deal. This early work will help speed things along for down the road when we’re all streaming A/V full-immersive HD lifefeeds back to our home server. Hey Brad, you understand the implications of this, yeah?

Japanese Houses to go all Kinds of Hovercraft
This piece calls it levitating, but it’s not really like that. It’s more like a huge house-sized balloon inflates and creates a flexible buffer between the house and tectonic activity. It’s already in nearly 100 homes here, and yes – there’s a version that floats. These might seem like frivolous technological contrivances, but floating homes would have saved thousands of lives last year.

Live from the future, that is all!

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