Oct 292011

Everything Old is New Again
Asians do the geeky stuff.
Black guy is a valet.
White folks relax at home and make cookies.
Yep – sounds like the future to me.

I kid, I kid. Actually I give props to MS for producing these videos. The whole chicken/egg life-imitating-art and the inverse thereof motivation factor inherent in SCI-FI should never be dismissed. I don’t know how many viewers of Star Wars & Battlestar Galactica & Alien & Terminator were inspired to go into astronomy, robotics, physics, astrobiology, making big-ass space rockets, and other sciences, but I’d guess it’s a goddamn lot.

MS Future Vision
Microsoft has a whole gallery of Future Vision videos, and many are seriously worth a look. If you’d prefer to make fun of Microsoft, and hey, sometimes we need to, have a look at this BSOD parody of the video below.

Darth Cheney, Stephen Hawking, Myself, and the Rest of Our Cyborg Society
Microsoft Becomes a Tenacious Underdog and Hell’s Getting Temperate
Transhumanism and High Design – Keeping Human Creativity in the Future Loop
Eye-Tracking HUD Overlay Vision Thingy – An Excellent Distraction Until a Contact Lens Comes Along…
The Robot Page at IEEE Spectrum – Anthrobotic Recommends (HIGHLY)