Oct 282011

This is a delicious contradiction.
Yet not, but kinda – on so many levels – I hardly know where to begin…

Well, first I want to give this guy all due respect. It’s a great idea and I hope the news gets out post-haste. I hope all of my 6 regular readers will share this idea. Not all amputees can kick out the cash needed for the Luke Arm or the Stark Hand or other super-tech prosthetics, so there’s obviously great value in augmenting and/or retrofitting the prosthetics people already have.

As such, props to Trevor Prideaux.

The Humor of Tech
Buuuuut I can’t steer too far away from what’s hilarious here: an antiquated prosthetic with a smartphone dock built-in, and the smartphone is also antiquated. It’s a technological timeline dissonance matryoshka – or something!

But again, congratulations and all respect to Mr. Prideaux.


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