Aug 022011

Safe to look up with your mouth open at the beach.

Above, dude with a Terminator accent and his team at the Bionic Learning Network (how perfect is that?) built an ultralight robotic bird – it flies at a similar weight and with many of the movement and aerodynamic faculties of a seagull.  His team let it fly around in a TED (VIDEO) presentation hall – which was pretty awesome.  DARPA will certainly come calling soon…

Below,  Tokyo Institute of Technology’s SOINN (Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Network) robot is all kinds of learning how to serve stuff to humans (we appreciate the classy coasters).  It’s, you know, incremental – but if those increments get exponential, well, bye bye cool bartender job for the summer.  Here’s VIDEO of SOINN getting some learn on.

Tip your server or else.

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