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Jun 092011
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“There’s a certain alertness to the science fictional nature of current reality.”
-R.U. Sirius

Technological and Cyber/CounterCultural icon R.U. Sirius has a new online venture:  ACCELER8OR.  Sirius is kind of a lost breed of futurist/humanist/guy-who-makes-you-question-the-real – a person who can wax technological and also weave in various means of and perspectives on organic cognitive expansion…  or something (the vagueness, or openness to interpretation is kind of a plasticity of ideas vs. the brick wall of beliefs sorta perspective).

As is evident, describing the person requires a lot of slashes and hyphens, so ANTHROBOTIC recommends you set an ACCELER8OR bookmark and/or get yourself some RSS, and check out his previous work.


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