May 252011

A lingering worry of many futurists and technological pseudo-utopians (such as myself) is how rapidly advanced human cybernetics/augmentation will make its way to the average person, i.e., become affordable.
The Stark Hand by Mark Stark:  $17,000-$18,000
DEKA’s (Dean Kamen) “Luke” Arm:  Funded by DARPA = MADD $$$$$


I Will Cut off My Hand and Get a Robot One.
Eye-Tracking HUD Overlay Vision Thingy – An Excellent Distraction Until a Contact Lens Comes Along…
Future Coming Soon – Maybe Sooner than Michio Kaku Believes…
2000 iMac vs. 2010 iPhone 4 – Excellent Point!
Cyberdyne Debuts Latest HAL Exoskeleton – Lower Body Only
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